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Play is the beginning of knowledge

Learning starts at home. It's where children gain confidence, learn social interaction, and most of all, create lasting memories and often times that happens while playing on swing sets. Investing in playsets for your home provides your loved ones with ample opportunity to stretch their abilities and imaginations as they learn and grow. Our wooden play sets for kids would be perfect for this. After all, knowledge starts with play and play starts with Champ Craft.

Our Collection of Wooden Playsets from Amish Country

  • Little Gem Swing Sets

    Little Gem Playset

    The Little Gem Swing Set offers big fun in a tiny playset. With this beautiful wooden play set for kids your children will swing, climb and slide for hours. Enjoy the difference that our Amish craftsmanship makes. Champ Craft Swing Sets are perfect for your family.

    Reg. Price $1,095.00

    Special Price $975.00

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  • Childhood Treasures Swing Sets

    Childhood Treasures

    Your children will treasure this awesome Childhood Treasures swing set. With double the floor space of the Little Gem, this swing set will provide years of fun for your little ones. Made in the US with locally grown lumber, We make quality play sets for kids. So get your Play sets today.

    Reg. Price $1,795.00

    Special Price $1,475.00

    Free Shipping
  • Boredom Buster Kids Swing Sets

    Boredom Buster Swing Sets

    The Boredom Buster swing set has enough play for the whole neighborhood. With the 5' floor level, giant rock climb, 3 sling and a 10' slide, your children will be exercising all day while they play.

    Reg. Price $2,195.00

    Special Price $1,995.00

    Free Shipping

Set up a play area for your children in or around the home itself. At Champ Craft we believe that home is the place where your child learns interaction, sharing, playing, gains confidence and countless memories are created. Buying childrens wooden swing sets is a worthy investment because your little ones would get an opportunity to have fun, grow and learn new things. Champ Craft stocks different types of wooden playsets ideal for your backyard. We have our products including the Little Gem Play set, Childhood Treasures and Boredom Buster. The sizes vary from tiny to very spacious ones and the pricing varies accordingly.

If you are planning to add life to your child’s play area, Champ Craft can help. We are based in Ohio and design perfect wooden playsets in Amish Country within your budget. Our range of swings and play sets are sure to become your kid’s favorite. We have play items not only for the kids but also for the toddlers who are waiting to taste all the fun. Our brand is known for quality and credibility, all our items are durable, pest and weather resistant.

Our collection of play sets and swing sets are huge, browse through the products and you can order online and enjoy great discounts. Give your kids an exciting environment right at home.