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Our Difference

Why Choose Champ Craft

Champ Craft is committed towards creating masterfully crafted play structures. Since we are a family-owned business, we know what your family wants and what they need; from structural integrity, down to the lasting memories you will cherish your play set for years to come.

1. Structural Strength

Champ Craft play structures are made from the finest, Southern Yellow Pine which is renowned for its durability and strength. It makes it the superior option for play structures. 

2. Keeping options open

When you buy from Champ Craft, there’s no saying you can’t keep building on to our play sets. Champ Craft play structures can be easily added to with accessories as your family grows.

3. Long lasting

Along with our commitment to structural integrity comes our scrupulous attention to safety. Your child will never be exposed to sharp edges or splintering when playing on one of our play sets. All of our wood is milled and corners rounded to ensure the highest grade of safety.

4. Champ Craft is one of a kind

Because of the personal attention our team gives to every aspect of our product, you can be assured that our play sets unique design will add beauty and value to your home.

5. Installation made easy

All of our prefabricated play sets come with simple instructions that outline in detail the installation process of your brand new play set.

6.Customer Care

The care we give to each play structure extends to the care with which we treat each customer. We are always ready and willing to help a customer with any of their play structure needs.

7. Renewable resource

Champ Craft play structures are made from renewable resources, which means you won’t ever buy a plastic play set from us. Yellow Pine has a quick harvest cycle and more is growing all the time. Our commitment to environmental responsibility is as great as our commitment to quality and lasting memories.

8. Invest in lasting memories

Last but not least, invest in making lasting memories with your child on one of our wooden play structures. Not only will our play structures makes healthy living fun for your children, they will also afford you with the opportunity to engage and share happy memories with them around the house that you will remember for years to come.

Our Story

Our founder's vision was to provide high quality, wooden outdoor swing sets, manufactured in and by his community. He liked the idea of creating a product that would encourage more family time at home for others.

Paul Hersberger began his journey as a play structure building company in 1992. Out of a 1,920 square foot facility, he and his three-man team had a bold vision with this simple premise

Paul and his team knew that families deserve the best when it comes to play structures that will be shared with their children. Unreliable play structures built from low-quality timber have become too commonplace in the marketplace. Paul wanted to change things, and he saw his opportunity in local furniture retailers. Why not provide them with play structures for them to sell in addition to their furniture?

The result was our first line of high quality play structures.

In following with this dedication to only the highest grade play structure and assembly techniques, Paul’s team created each play structure by hand. This way our customers can be assured that all play structures they purchase are 100% guaranteed to be made in the Champ Craft fashion and commitment to excellent design.

Shipping is made easy by sending each play structure packaged with simple instructions that detail the setup process.

And because Champ Craft is always selling to avid customers looking to spend more family time at home, the turnaround from the time you purchase your very own set to when it arrives is less than two weeks.

Champ Craft is committed to quality in a way that only a family business can be. We are enthusiastic about turning high quality lumber into play sets for your home and family. Nothing makes us happier than knowing the work we’ve done as a family has benefited yours.

Today, the company is run by Paul and he has been transforming the quality and reliability of play for more than two decades.

It all started out as a dream project to help families create lasting memories at home. Today that dream has become a reality. Our products are made in a modern facility with 39,000 square feet of working space. Along with growth of the business has come progress in design and shipping.